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Our WE Center offers innovative opportunities for businesspeople to start a business or expand an existing one, improve their marketing strategies, and access essential resources, including, but not limited to:

Business Plan

› Business Plan Development

› Business Start-Up Assistance

› Expansion and Growth

› Licensing and Permits

› Marketing Plan Templates

› SBA Certifications 

› Support with registering to federal and state contracts


› Identifying Market Niches

› Advertising and Promotional Strategies

› Branding/Logo Design

› Marketing Plan Development

› Web design

› Pricing, Products and Services

› Social Media / Product Photos & Video

Financial Management

› Bookkeeping and Accounting

› QuickBooks Counseling

› General Tax Information

› Financial Projections

› Loan Counseling  

WE Center Incubator

Becoming Heroes Academy - 6 week academy where entrepreneurial women will have an individual closed office space, lounge area, and access to all of Fresno State Small Business University resources to help launch their business or non profit organization. 


A makerspace training facility designed to give women a creative outlet  where they can go from IDEA to CONCEPT allowing them to create and elaborate their business products while taking advantage of training workshops and  complementary materials. 

Virtual Trainings 

We Center offers virtual trainings such as Small Business Development, Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, and others. All the trainings are available in English and Spanish from 6:30 to 8:30pm via Zoom

Licensing and Permits 

  • Licenses and permits based on the business type and location

  • Guidance on regulatory compliance for specific industries.

  • Referral to legal experts or specialists for complex licensing matters.

  • Training about licensing and permit regulations.

Government Contracting

  • Assistance with registration with the government platforms.

  • Federal and State contracting guidance.

  • Small business certifications with SBA and CaleProcure (SDB, WOSB, SB).

  • Workshops on government contracting.


Ask for an appointment from Monday- Friday, 8am-4:30pm and Saturday-Sunday by appointment only.

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